Easy payouts

Simply withdraw money in BTC directly to your FaucetHub account. No comissions, no hidden taxes, no need to work with exchanges or other coins.


Powerful API

HTTP API to manage your users, account, tokens, etc. Crossplatform JavaScript miner can be easily implemented into your web/mobile APP.


Helpful support

Get help within 12 hours. As some of you knows — FaucetCMS is also our project and we have successfully taken care of our users for a year.

Check out your current hashrate and calculate approximate earnings

Get 0.00002579

for every

100 000 000 hashes

What does it mean? How much can I earn?

This depends on your traffic amount. Sites with 10-20 daily users won't generate a reasonable amount. But in case you attract your users to mine for some bonus or reward even 50-100 users mining at least half a day with 15-20 hashes/s (low CPU) can give you more than $150 monthly.
Note that you can earn even from mobile users and get almost the same. Simply try the miner from your mobile and you'll get ~20hashes\s. Don't forget it dries out user's battery as a beast, so be careful.

Easily integratable JavaScript miner with powerful HTTP API

To use the script, you simply need to add JavaScript library to your page and run the script. This will start a mining process.

<script src=""></script>
    var miner = WMP.Anonymous('<your-site-key>');

You can also setup a username for every user to know how much hashes every user has. Also you can set up miner params to optimise mining or do not utilize 100% of your users CPU's.

var miner = WMP.User('<your-site-key>', '<username>', {
    threads: 4,
    autoThreads: false,
    throttle: 0,
    forceASMJS: false

To get the amount of hashes for a user, you can simply do a call:

curl "<your-private-key>/user_hashes/<username>"

You will get answer in JSON format:


Note: the miner is crossplatform, so you can add it anywhere you want. For example, you are building an HTML5 application (or game) for Google Play or Apple Store using Ionic, React, Cordova, Titanium or any other crossplatform JS framework - you can simply integrate the miner and get a profit. Powerful HTTP API allows to add rewarding system based on the miner.
To get more information use our documentation page.

Why us?

Well, of course, the final choise is yours. But note that our key benefits are direct BTC payments and high payouts. We allow higher payouts than anyone on the market. Don't believe the words or beautifully drawn charts, just try and compare.
Also, we do not force people to wait forever to get feedback from support. Everyone will get an answer and reasonable help/care in a short amount of time. Continious service support and integration of new features makes us better day by day, stay with us and benefit from this.