Our script can be integrated into your site/application in several different ways. To use Simple UI or a hidden miner you need to copy just a few lines of code and add it to your page. For using JS/HTTP APIs you'll need some JavaScript and (or) any backend level knowlege.

To use our service you need to sign up. Your personal ID also known as a site key will be generated automatically, don't forget you can get few more. A private key for HTTP API access will also be generated.

GUI Miner

Allow your users to mine through and get % from their hashes.


Check out user and your own balances, generate and verify tokens, make a withdrawal, etc.

PHP site script

Launch your own site in a few clicks.

Video guides & stuff

Don't know what to start with? Check out detailed video guides of how to register domain, get hosting, launch a site...

JavaScript Miner

Integration details, and API controls (start/stop, getting hashrate, setting up speed, etc).

JS Basic UI

Basic user interface to let your users know they are mining and give them control.

Comodo SSL