Easy payouts

Direct BTC withdrawals. As well as ability to withdraw to your FaucetPay microwallet account wtih zero fees.


to start

Just download miner, press the button and start earning. No need to set up stuff, read manuals or do something (but we also have advenced manuals).


Powerful API

HTTP API for our partners to manage users, accounts, tokens, etc. Wide documentantion and other stuff to build your own business.


Helpful support

Get help within 12 hours. We are open for everyone since January 2018 and carefully taking care about every our user within all of this time, you are in good hands.

Desktop mining

The simplest way to start mining is to download our GUI miner, input your bitcoin address and press start. Miner will automatically detect your hardware. No additional setup required.

While app remains simple and intuitive it still allows you to configure your gear more accurately if you are experienced user.

Download app and start mining

Web mining

Alternate and simpliest way to mine. No need to download anything, just press start! Useful to note that you have to pay for simplicity and mining speed can be up to 20 times slower than on the desktop application

*This is demo miner, just to show possibilieties. Read more

How to start?

Become a service provider

If you want to use our service with your own users we have wide range of tools. First of all there is solid HTTP API to manage all the data. Also our desktop miner is customizable and can be used by your users to mine, all data will be tracked in your account and will be available in your dashboard. Moreover we have ready to go solution (script) to run your own website in a few minutes. And finally, our web miner is customizable and easy integratable in any website or html/js app. Below there are few examples showing how easy things are:

Site script

Here you can see how easy you can configure our site script. Main page will look like almost like ours, but ofc it's fully customizable with html/css.

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    "site_url"        : "your website address",
    "comission"       : "3",
    "minimal_payout"  : "700",
    "referral"        : "5",
    "manual_payouts"  : "1",
    "fh_api_key"      : "faucethub api key",
    "wmp_site_key"    : "your public site key",
    "wmp_private_key" : "your private API key",
    "admin_name"      :"username to access admin part",
    "admin_pwd"       :"admin password",
    "miner_url"       :"link to download preconfigured (to work with your own service) miner"

Desktop miner

Desktop miner is even easier to configure. You just neet to set up your site key, your website name and address. Also you can change app icon, logo and background. In future versions we are planning to add ability to set up any color (but it's not possible yet).

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  "site_key": "your site key",
  "login": "user's bitcoin address (leave blank)",
  "title": "Your service name",
  "debug_window": false,
  "balance_online": true,
  "balance_url": "your service address",
  "input_text": "Input your Bitcoin address",
  "noCPU": false,
  "noGPU": false


Our API is pretty simple and intuitive. To get the amount of hashes for a user, you can simply do a call:

curl ""

You will get answer in JSON format. That's it.

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Javascript miner

To use the script, you simply need to add JavaScript library to your page and run the script. This will start a mining process.

<script src=""></script>
    var miner = WMP.Anonymous('your-site-key');

You can also setup a username for every user to know how much hashes every user has. Also you can set up miner params to optimise mining or do not utilize 100% of your users CPU's.

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var miner = WMP.User('your-site-key', 'username', {
    threads: 4,
    autoThreads: false,
    throttle: 0,
    forceASMJS: false

Why us?

Well, of course, the final choise is yours. But note that our key benefits are no comission BTC payments and high payouts. We allow higher payouts than anyone on the market. Don't believe the words or beautifully drawn charts, just try and compare.
Also, we do not force people to wait forever to get feedback from support. Everyone will get an answer and reasonable help/care in a short amount of time. Continious service support and integration of new features makes us better day by day, stay with us and benefit from this.