Miner Basic UI

This page explains how to easily display and customize the basic UI for miner like we have on our home page.


To embed the Basic UI miner, you have to load the simple-ui.js on the bottom of your page and create a <div> with the miner id where you want to show the miner.

<script src="https://webminepool.com/lib/simple-ui.js"></script>
<div id="wmp-container"
    style="margin: 0 auto;"

Don't forget to add your sitekey and username (optional).


wmp-site-key Your public Site-Key. See Dashboard > Keys
wmp-username Optional. The user name to which the hashes will be credited to. Just leave this empty if you are unsure.
wmp-autostart Optional. Whether to automatically start mining (true|false). The default is false. The miner will only autostart on subsequent page loads after the user has initially started the miner once himself.
wmp-threads Optional. The number of threads the miner should start with. Default value = 4.
wmp-throttle Optional. The throttle value the miner should start with. See miner.setThrottle() for a detailed explanation. Default value = 0.
style Optional. Here you can add any styles using CSS (like background, text colors, miner size, etc).
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