Solo Script


To help with understanding what you can do with our service and show workflow "in code" we created "soloscript" - easy to set up website engine. Solo script allows you to set up a website with a client area and get %% from your users hashes. You are letting to earn them, and they are earning for you.

Solo script is very simple and even doesn't require database connection. All you need - to upload it, and set up cron job to synchronize website data, with our server database to get relevant information about users stats and balances.

Note: main purpose of this script is to show how workflow goes and how you can use our service, that's why it's a bit primitive. But if you want to use it as it is - feel free to do it. It's fully functional.


Setting up solo script is very simple it even doesn't require database. First of all upload all files to your web hosting. Then you need to set up cron job for users.php file. This file makes requests to our API and keeps your users information updated as well as mining rates.
Note: if cron doesn't work for some reason check pathes of users.json and hashrate.json in /lib/Main.php.

After it's done you need to configure config.json file which has all the settings needed for site. Here how it looks:

    "site_url"        :"",
    "comission"       : "15",
    "minimal_payout"  : "1000",
    "referral"        : "5",
    "manual_payouts"  : "1",

    "fh_api_key"      : "",
    "wmp_site_key"    : "",
    "wmp_private_key" : "",
    "admin_name"      :"admin",
    "admin_pwd"       :"admin",

    "miner_url"       :""

Site URL option need you to put there your website address.
Commission option determinates how much will you take from every million of hashes mined by client. For example current webminepool rate is 30 satoshu per 1 million of hashes and you are setting up commission to 10. This means your users will get 20 satoshi per every million of mined hashes, other 10 are yours.
Minimal payout - is minimal amount of satoshi allowed to withdraw.
Referral option defines how much your users will be paid for every user they invited. For example "referral" is set to 5. You have a user who invited his friend and his friend mined 1000 satoshi, when he makes a withdrawal his friend (who invited him) gets 50 satoshi.
Manual payouts is option which allows your users to withdraw by themselves. By default on you as admin can make process withdrawals. Set it to 0 and "withdraw" button will appear in the account area.
Site keys don't need an explanation. Just put there your FaucetHub and both (site and private) webminepool keys.
Set up admin name and password to have ability to login into admin area. Highly recommended to change them as soon as possible, to avoid issues. To login into admin area go to the next url where 123 is admin_name and 345 admin_password settings.
Miner url is similar to site url. Set it up to let "download" links on your website work. If you still didn't set up miner check how to do it.

There is videoguide where set up process is clearly shown. You can find more on our YouTube channel

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